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Imagine that one day, while looking out your kitchen window, you see a cat scrambling from place to place, ducking under nearby cars and around trash cans. At first, you simply pass it off as the neighbor's cat, but as weeks go by, you start to notice the cat does not have a home. The cat may appear hungry, emaciated, and its fur dull. Such is the life of a feral cat—a cat without a home. You have the power to make a difference and help cats that are in the same condition. You can be the strongest advocate for community cats where you live by supporting caregivers like Saving Future Feral Cats. Support TNR (Trap Neuter/Spay and Return) and encourage spay and neutering of all cats.

Saving Future Feral Cats is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the overpopulation and suffering of abandoned cats. We believe it is our responsibility as a community to care for the cats that we as humans have abandoned or failed to spay/neuter or forced to live outdoors.

Saving Future Feral Cats’ Goals are: 

*Trap, Neuter/Spay, Vaccinate, Release, and Maintain community cats

*Rehabilitate and find loving forever homes for those cats that cannot be released 

*Educate and provide support to the community in order to reduce the feral cat population


Educating others of the growing feral cat population is a way you can help stop this predicament. Together with the help of your local leaders, we can curtail this problem in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.



If you're looking to make a physical impact in the struggle to save feral cats already out in the community, you can donate supplies or monetary contributions to our no-kill rescue shelter.


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Develop marketable skills while you ease your stress by helping care for some of the cutest critters in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Volunteer with us today to meet other cat-enthusiasts.


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Consider adopting your next family member from our shelter. Your adoption will help Saving Future Feral Cats make room to save another cat.


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Learn About Saving Future Feral Cats

Cats exude an unbreakable spirit and attitude that can be compared to a human's own will. They're known to adapt to life out in the world when they must. However, most of their needs cannot be met by their craftiness alone. Saving Future Feral Cats has stepped up to provide a trap-neuter-vaccinate-release program (TNVR) designed to prevent the further reproduction of feral and community cats. We also offer a no-kill rescue shelter dedicated to rehabilitating cats located in Maryland.

Our founder started Saving Future Feral Cats to address the problem of colonies and strays in the area and how they continue to grow in numbers. She found that many counties in the area are not equipped to deal with feral cats, so our founder created her own shelter with the capabilities and equipment to care for them. For cats that cannot be released, or have the potential to be adopted, our organization ensures they are properly socialized and given needed medical treatment. Throughout the last two years, we have cared for and rescued over 80 cats and hope to continue our mission for many years to come.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you need help getting cats trapped or want help rehoming a cat, please DO NOT call us unless it is an emergency situation. Please fill out the Help Request Form and we will contact you ASAP.

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